• production of postage stamps on contract for the postal services of various countries (currently: Angola (2006-2011), Burundi (2011-2013), Cape Verde (trade only), Central African Republic, Comoros (2008-2011), Ethiopia (trade only), Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Maldives, Mozambique, Namibia (trade only), Niger, São Tomé And Príncipe, Solomon Islands, Togo, Uganda);
  • wholesale and retail trading in the postage stamps of various countries.

As the successors to Brussels Stamp Centre and Bureau Philatélique Bayart, we have the benefit of 50+ years of experience in the philatelic business.

All STAMPERIJA Ltd. activity is based on the principals of legality and respect for clients.
We draw your attention to the fact that slanderous texts have appeared in public space (Internet), which accuse us of taking part in the production of illegal postage stamps.

We distance ourselves from the accusations in the afore-mentioned texts, and we regret if (in the absence of objective information) any of our clients, colleagues or other interested parties may have been misled or disappointed without foundation.

It is evident that this disinformation, which was first published by a single source belonging to a private individual with a personal vengeful ambition to discredit our operations, is still circulating on certain philatelic websites. Unfortunately, the owners of those websites, lured by the scandalous nature of the topic and the texts, have not refrained from quoting unchecked and even patently unfounded information.

STAMPERIJA Ltd. always obeys all the requirements specified in contracts with the relevant postal authorities when issuing postage stamps. If you wish to see samples of STAMPERIJA Ltd. products, press here.

We officially declare that we are not responsible for the production of any illegal stamps or their presence in the markets.

We understand and accept the principle of freedom of speech on Internet; nevertheless, we are obliged to defend our reputation and to provide correct information for our clients and colleagues about the situation that has arisen.

We have decided to openly and comprehensively provide information about our philatelic activities and to publicly reply to your questions (including about illegal postage stamps).

We believe that openness and information based on official documents will block the path to the proliferation of further slander and false accusations. Likewise, it will assist philatelists to more easily distinguish illegal postage stamps from legal ones.

Thanking you for your attention and wishing you success.

Yours respectfully,

CEO Algirdas Šatas